Administration Communale

de la Ville de Differdange


Location of project

40, avenue Charlotte

L-4530 Differdange


Gross Volume

15.000 m3


Gross floor area

4.400 m2







Nomination Mies van der Rohe Award 2015

Bauhärepräis 2016


„Aalt Stadhaus“ Differdange

The former town hall will be transformed into a cultural centre. The existing building will retain its form and façade along the road, altered internally and enlarged on the west side by a new extension.

On the ground floor are the rooms of the Cultural Office and a new café with a spacious terrace adjoining the pool to be constructed on the forecourt. In addition, the library and reading room are accommodated here. The representative foyer created in the extension to the building provides direct access to the event rooms, and in addition can be used flexibly for exhibitions and for pauses in events.

On the first floor the ballroom will be extended and fitted with a new acoustic ceiling and wall panelling. In addition to this "Great Hall“ a new multi-purpose hall will be built, which can be divided into two rooms thus making it very flexible in use. Wide openings make it possible to combine the two halls to provide a large, contiguous event area when needed. On the second floor all the rooms of the School of Music are accommodated; in the basement the city gets a document centre for archiving brochures, photographs and documents of the city.

Aalt Stadhaus Differdange