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1. Prize

The new school campus for 400 children accommodates a new primary school, a maison relais, a sports hall and a crèche. The built surface concentrates on the western part of the area, in this way a large park could be created as a new green center between the school and the planned home for elder people. The school building is characterized by transparence and openness as well as a friendly and light atmosphere. Three building wings are grouped around an open inner court that connects the inside and the outside and creates large areas outside the classrooms where the children can meet and make various activities. The inner courts open through all the levels permit communication and exchange between the school-cycles and beyond the floors. Small windows next to the classroom doors and larger windows in the common rooms as the lunchroom emphasize the philosophy of openness in the building. Selected materials and pleasant colors that serve also as orientation create a friendly and inviting atmosphere.

Centre Scolaire Wobrecken Esch