Gemeinde Betzdorf


Location of Project



Gross Volume

1.475 m3


Gross surface

413 m2







Bauhärepräis 2016

The new forest-crèche is located in full nature next to the woods, but also close to the existing school campus. Two large group rooms for altogether 30 children in the age of 2-4 years open with large window surfaces towards south and allow a magnificent view in the green landscape. The sleeping rooms and the connected rooms are located on the backside of the building and get the natural light through transom windows in the roof. A large canopy protects a outside playing area. Following the idea of the forest-crèche and due to the proximity to the nature, the whole building was realized as a natural, untreated solid wooden construction and needs a minimum of technical equipment. Inside the wooden surfaces of the construction stay visible and make a friendly atmosphere in the building. Two heater in the group rooms create a cosy ambience and teach the children at the same time the handling of the fire.


Beschcrèche Betzdorf