Presentation of energetic renovations during the „My Energy Days“

On Sunday 1rst of May, during the „My Energy Days“ at Luxexpo, René Witry is presenting two projects of energetic renovations. The lecture shows on the basis of two specific examples the added value that can be reached by a global approach on the redevelopment of buildings. In addition to the energy-efficient building of the 1790ies will be presented the project „Maison Relais Born“ starting during this year.


Innovative Living Space  

„Op der Esplanade“ presented at PaperJam Business Club

René Witry is presenting the project „Op der Esplanade“ at the PaperJam Business Club „L’habitat innovant – 10 réalisations made in Luxembourg“ on the 5th of May. In a sort of „pecha kucha“, the central idea of the project is explained in a short presentation of only 6 minutes. (...)