Ville de Dudelange

Fonds de Logement


Location of Project



Planning Area

38 ha


Gross Floor Area

258.000 m2



Competition, 2009

"Op der Schmelz" Dudelange

In the context of the “Schmelz Dudelange” urban competition, a desire arose to create an attractive "sub-centre" close to the town centre which would enhance the latter with cultural and leisure activities. In order to create a new, lively district, a versatile solution was proposed combining cultural facilities, special types of residence close to the centre in addition to shopping areas, offices and a multi-purpose hall. The area will also be brought to life with restaurants and public facilities. The shopping facilities covering approximately 13,000 m2 will offer the possibility of establishing large businesses as well as branded stores to attract the public. Residential or residential / commercial units will be established to the south of our “sub-centre” to suit this peripheral location. As the residential areas towards the north gradually develop into areas of combined usage, the empty spaces in between are gradually becoming more densely populated, changing from an extensive park to an urban “garden of industrial culture” beside the water basin and a large, drivable square in front of the “Op der Schmelz” forum. 

Op der Schmelz Dudelange