Landesbetrieb Liegenschafts- und Baubetreuung


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Memorial Hinzert

As part of the architectural competition, the memorial in Hinzert with its various parts - memorial, area of the prison camp, documentation and meeting house -  was designed as a total ensemble.

The design is based on the terraced changes in levels of the site, which previously could only be vaguely recognised, and are now contained by walls, making them more apparant and extending them. In this way the terrain is clearly divided into areas and sectors and is cautiously added to by new paths and directional signs orientated on the existing. The terraces and the documentation building are in a direct relationship to each other, in regard to both design and material of the walls. Easy-to-read connecting paths guide the visitors to the individual parts of the memorial, which present themselves in different forms. Whilst on the areas in front of the building clear geometric arrangements still form the picture, the meadow behind the building, which also belongs to the memorial, stands in contrast and forms a transition into the landscape.

Memorial Hinzert