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Genial Zentral Meiningen

The object of the competition was the closing of gaps between buildings and wasteland in the south-eastern area of the historic old town through the creation of rental apartments and condominiums.

The design uses the L-shape typical of the area and complements the structure destroyed in the competition area by attractive residential buildings with various forms of accommodation and inner courtyards with private outdoor areas. Fitted into the existing listed buildings a closing off of the historic building is proposed, which assumes the storeys of the neighbouring buildings. In part of the area courtyard houses, maisonettes and apartment housing combine to form a mix that appeals to a broad range of users. In a second area town houses will be constructed that fit into the street façade unobtrusively and which open to the rear to a private inner courtyard. Small district squares create the necessary public open areas; the listed buildings obtain a sustained and honoured position.

Genial Zentral Meiningen