Familie Cumetti


Situation of Project

Ennerem Duerf

L-6585 Steinheim


Gross Volume

882 m3


Gross Floor Area

230 m2




Passive House Cumetti

The house for a family consists of a simple wooden building with a gable roof, which in the North-South orientation was positioned with the gable facing the street. Because of its location in a flood zone, the house was placed on a platform of reinforced concrete, which extends southward to a spacious south-facing terrace with a view of the river Sauer.

The building was designed as a passive house with timber façade, which due to the optimal layout of zones, the use of highly insulating materials and the orientation of the large glass areas to the south for the effective use of solar energy achieved an annual heating requirement of less than 15 kWh / (m² / yr).

Overall, the idea of a harmonious and light construction on a platform withstanding the water was developed and, due to the building being constructed on stilts, the risk of flooding of living areas was minimised.

Passive House Cumetti